Mural project adorns Highway 22 underpass in Dickinson

A mural project on the Third Avenue/Highway 22 underpass in Dickinson is complete. The project consisting of four murals is approximately 400 feet long and is part of a “Building the Community Through Public Art” project funded by the city of Dickinson and partners and was supported in part by an award from The National Endowment for the Arts.

Although the NDDOT was not a major player in bringing this project to fruition, it was involved in the planning process due to the fact the project is located in an NDDOT Right-of-Way which required working with NDDOT’s Legal and Maintenance Divisions to make this happen. Dickinson District Engineer, Rob Rayhorn says, you cannot help but notice the murals when driving through the underpass.

The murals were painted by a professional artist Guillermo Ivan Avalos from Long Beach, California, along with members of the Dickinson Community. It depicts scenes familiar to our North Dakota heritage including; Ukrainians immigrating, cowboys, Native Americans, buffalo in the Badland’s, deer, Dickinson State University’s-Mary Hall and a historical representation of Downtown Dickinson.

The Highway 22 underpass is one of the main corridors between Downtown Dickinson and the Dickinson Regional Airport.

Mural Publicity

Showcasing volunteers and the progress of the mural project!

art workshop at Arc Creations: and

The Mural is (almost) Complete!

A big shout out to all our volunteers that helped paint the Highway 22 Underpass these past weeks. No rain, or sleet, or snow could keep our happy helpers from pitching in and getting it done.

Take a look at some of the photos here:

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And, find more photos and videos on the artist’s Insta Guillermo Ivan Avalos

Volunteer to assist with mural project

You can be a part of creating artistic history!

The city of Dickinson needs volunteers to assist mural artist Guillermo (Ivan) Avalos. He has started painting the murals on the underpass at the intersection of Highway 22 and Villard Street with the assistance of Manuel (Manny) Trejo. Check out photos of the artist and community volunteers painting the mural here.

Volunteers are needed Oct. 3-19, 2018. The artist will be onsite from 9 am until 6 pm. We’ve broken volunteer shifts into two-hour time slots. This is a fun project and we invite you to sign up today! Sign up sheets can be found here.

dickinson nd highway 22 mural
Painting begins on the Highway 22 mural

All ages are welcome, but children under 14 need to be accompanied by an adult. You don’t have to be an artist to participate!  Avalos has the mural sketched out and he will show you how to paint history!

The National Endowment for the Arts awarded Western Wellness a $10,000 grant with matching funds of $10,000 provided by City of Dickinson. The Change Network ND, funded through the Bush Foundation and National Arts Strategies, is providing additional support.

Highway 22 underpass mural painting

Best Friends Mentoring Program/Western Wellness Foundation is partnering with the City of Dickinson to hire professional mural artist Guillermo Ivan Avalos to create murals on the Highway 22 underpass. We will work with a diverse local committee to develop themes for the murals, which will cover both sides of the underpass. Based on the recommendation of the committee, the artist will design and paint the murals with art student assistance. The murals will be completed by Fall of this year. 

A well-known community muralist, Avalos most recently worked with the City and Fire Department to create the large mural on the fire hall. The project is being paid for by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts, matched by the City of Dickinson.

Volunteers Welcomed

Additionally, the artist utilizes community assistance in the creation of his design. It is anticipated that this work would be undertaken in early September. If you would like to participate in the project, please contact us.

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